NewsFirst rocket alarm in Jerusalem

    First rocket alarm in Jerusalem

    In addition to the sirens, explosions could also be heard, witnesses reported on site. This indicated that Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli territory continued for the third straight day and were now targeting more distant areas. There were initially no reports of possible victims. According to the Israeli military, more than 400 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel since Friday.

    Escalation feared on Temple Mount

    It is now feared that this Sunday – the Jewish day of fasting and mourning Tisha BeAv – the situation could deteriorate further. Religious Jews mourn the destruction of the two ancient temples in Jerusalem on the day. In the evening, the radical Islamist Hamas called for “defending the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount and opposing Israeli attacks on the holy site”. The Temple Mount with the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque is the third holiest site in Islam.

    According to the Israeli army, it had previously killed another military chief of the extremist Palestinian organization Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in the Gaza Strip. Islamic Jihad’s southern commander Khalid Mansur was killed in an airstrike in the city of Rafah, the military said. Two other senior jihadists were also killed, including Mansur’s deputy.

    USA and EU classify PIJ as a terrorist organization

    “In the past few days, Mansur has been working on preparing an attack on Israel with an anti-tank missile and missiles,” the statement said. He is also responsible for terrorist attacks in the past.

    The Israeli military launched the large-scale “Dawn” military action against Islamic Jihad on Friday. The military chief Taisir al-Jabari and other PIJ members were killed. The group, which is closely linked to Israel’s archenemy Iran, is classified as a terrorist organization by the EU and the USA.

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    According to his office, Israeli Prime Minister Jair Lapid said the operation would “continue as long as necessary”. Efforts are being made to ensure that bystanders are not harmed.

    Many deaths in Gaza

    The army also attacked several targets in the Gaza Strip on Sunday night – in the Israeli border towns on the edge of the strip there was a rocket alarm again on Sunday morning. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 29 people have died since Friday. At least 253 were injured. Among the dead are six children and four women, along with other PIJ members.

    Israel blames Islamic Jihad for the deaths of five children and one adult in the Jabalia refugee camp. According to the military, they were killed by a misguided missile.

    UN Security Council discusses airstrikes

    The United Nations Security Council will address renewed violence in the Middle East on Monday. The United Arab Emirates, Ireland, France, Norway and China had requested a meeting of the UN body, according to diplomatic circles.

    The United States called on the Israeli and Palestinian sides for moderation. Further escalations should be avoided at all costs, said a spokesman for the State Department in Washington. The European Union also expressed concern about the situation in the Middle East.

    nob/sti (rtr, dpa, afp)

    Source: DW

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