NewsEvo Morales assures that there is a plan to "defenestrate" the leadership...

    Evo Morales assures that there is a plan to “defenestrate” the leadership of the ruling Bolivian party MAS

    The public complaint is made by the former president after announcing that his cell phone was stolen last weekend during a public act of his political party.

    Former Bolivian president Evo Morales denounced this Thursday that a plan is underway to “defenestrate” the national leadership of the Movement for Socialism – Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples (MAS-IPSP), of which he is president.

    Morales asserted that this plan is carried out “with dirty war, montages and false accusations in social networks“.

    Likewise, he indicated that the “onslaught” is executed “with the complicity of some right-wing media“.

    According to Morales, the MAS-IPSP “is the political instrument of the people that advances and grows stronger,” despite “attacks from the internal and external right.”

    “No matter how much they accuse us and persecute us, we will always fight with the truth and honesty as the banner of our commitment to the interests of the people,” he emphasized.

    In his trills he recalled that “coup neoliberals” staged innumerable trials, persecutions, threats and attacks against the MAS leadership; likewise, they were expelled from Parliament by order of the US embassy “under false accusations.”

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    However, he also recalled that “with the support of the hardworking and humble people” they defeated those attacks to “refound Bolivia.”

    “Our crime for the enemies of the country is defend the poorest, excluded and vilifiedThey hate us because we speak the truth and work for the dignity of our sisters and brothers in deep Bolivia,” said the former president.

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    Stress after cell phone theft

    The public complaint is made by Morales after announcing that last weekend he suffered the theft of his mobile phone, as well as the theft of the two cell phones of his communication assistant. The incident occurred during a public act of his political party, in which the Minister of Government, Carlos Eduardo del Castillo, and his security were also present.

    “This is the first time that something similar has happened to us in all the years of political activity. We would not want to think that it is part of a planned attack to harm usMorales then said.

    This situation generated criticism from the opposition, which considered the police mobilization to clarify this matter “impressive,” but it also caused tensions within the MAS, with positions for and against the former president.

    Evo Morales denounces the theft of his cell phone in a public act of his party

    Deputy Hector Arce (MAS) considered that this robbery had been planned and targeted internal and external enemies.

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    “We are very concerned. There were ministers there, there was all the security. The purpose of the theft of this cell phone is not to sell, the purpose of this theft is to find out what information it contains This smartphone. There was always that intention, both from these internal enemies, politicians, civic committees, but also international ones, who have sought to stigmatize Evo Morales, harm Evo Morales,” he commented.

    For his part, deputy Rolando Enriquez Cuellar, also from MAS, described the loss of the cell phone as a “carjacking.”

    It’s clearly a carjackingbecause if a cell phone is really lost or one is stolen, the first thing he does is report it to the corresponding institutions so that the Police can investigate,” he commented, after stressing that the former president would not have reported the incident to the relevant authorities.

    Minister Del Castillo, against whom Morales has previously criticized, confirmed that there was no formal complaint and asked the former president to follow the regular channels for the Police to investigate.

    “I think that all of us know, personally, what content we have inside our phone. So, No need to worry“added the official.

    Source: RT

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