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    “War crime”: Russia denounces the delivery of cluster munitions to Ukraine by the United States

    The White House has admitted de facto that the United States committed war crimes by agreeing to deliver cluster munitions to Ukraine, the Russian Embassy in Washington said on Sunday via Telegram messaging.

    The delivery of cluster munitions to Ukraine by Washington does not pass through Moscow. On Telegram this Sunday, the Russian Embassy in the United States said it had “taken note” of the statements by John Kirby, spokesperson for the American National Security Council, on these weapons which allow the dispersal of several hundred explosive charges of indiscriminately over a wide area.

    “This official has admitted de facto the commission of war crimes by the United States in the Ukrainian conflict,” the Russian Embassy in Washington wrote on Telegram.

    The message, published in Russian and then in English, was also relayed by the American press agency Reuters. Earlier this weekend, Russia said on Saturday that the delivery of cluster bombs to Ukraine decided by the United States was an “admission of weakness” which will make Washington “accomplice” of the civilian deaths caused by this weapon. controversial.

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    Weapons with dramatic consequences for civilians

    On the eve of 500th day of war in Ukrainethe United States has indeed announced that it will provide cluster munitions to Kyiv as part of new military aid amounting to 800 million dollars.

    A decision that responds to the arms demands of Ukraine engaged in a vast counter-offensive against the Russian forcesbut “very difficult” to take, for Joe Biden.

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    And for good reason, these weapons are known to have dramatic consequences for civilians. They are designed to disperse or release small explosive charges, from several dozen to more than 600, before, after or at the moment of impact on the ground, and this indiscriminately over an area larger than several football pitches.

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    For the American organization Arms Control Association, sending these weapons is “escalatory, counterproductive and would only increase the danger for civilian populations”, when Amnesty International denounces a “step backwards” by the United States.

    “Ukraine will only use these munitions for the disoccupation of its internationally recognized territories. These munitions will not be used on the officially recognized territory of Russia,” assured the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on Saturday.

    Source: BFM TV

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