NewsEuropeThree ships loaded with tons of grain successfully departed from Ukraine

    Three ships loaded with tons of grain successfully departed from Ukraine

    Local authorities confirmed that three ships left the port of Chornomorsk with 58,000 tons of grain destined for Turkey, the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is part of the system put together between kyiv and Russia, with the help of Ankara and the United Nations.

    This Friday, August 5, a convoy full of accumulated grain set sail from the Odessa region. The caravan is made up of three ships carrying more than 58,000 tons of food and is scheduled to arrive in Turkey, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    This is the second operation carried out through the corridor established on July 22 between Ukraine and Russia, monitored by Ankara and the United Nations Organization to alleviate the global food crisis.

    “The first caravan has left the ports of the Odessa region, the Navi Star, Rojen and Polarnet bulk carriers,” explained Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov.

    The vessel that inaugurated these operations was the Razoni, last Monday, when it moved to Turkey with 26,500 tons.

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    The Razoni, which also left Odessa, arrived 36 hours later at the Lebanese port of Tripoli, where delegates from the four parties involved inspected the ship.

    Kubrakov highlighted the role of Turkey and the UN in achieving a “stable and predictable” export of grain, an activity that was paralyzed by the war in Ukraine.

    Fear of Russian attacks and sea mines installed by kyiv resulted in 20 million tons being blocked.

    The next step will be to arrange for a first freighter to go to Ukraine for grain. Today concluded an inspection by an international team, which gave the green light for the operation to proceed.

    “The Joint Coordination Center team has completed the inspection of the Fulmar S vessel, without cargo, flagged in Barbados. She will pick up a cargo of grain at the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk,” the Turkish Defense Ministry announced on Twitter.

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    The Fulmar S will be the first to go from the Bosphorus to the Ukraine using one of the humanitarian corridors.

    Putin-Erdogan meeting

    The presidents of Russia and Turkey met face to face in the city of Sochi to discuss the situation in Syria, the war in Ukraine and issues related to the export of gas and grain.

    In the conclave they agreed that Ankara will pay for the gas supply in rubles, something that was rejected by Western countries. While Moscow gave its commitment not to hinder food shipments that began this week.

    According to the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Alexandr Novak, the leaders agreed that Turkey will begin to pay “partially” in the Russian currency.

    “Part of the supplies will be paid for in rubles. This is indeed a new stage that opens up new possibilities,” he detailed.

    Russia supplies Turkey annually with 26,000 million cubic meters of gas, a nation to which “European partners should be grateful because it guarantees the smooth transit of gas to the market,” Vladimir Putin advanced.

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    “The Turkish Stream, unlike all other routes of our hydrocarbon supplies, works correctly, dynamically, without failures, it has become one of the main arteries for the supply of Russian gas to Europe,” he stressed.

    Regarding the export of grains, both advocated “full compliance” with the agreements drawn up in Istanbul, where it was agreed that Ukraine would be free to issue its grains and Russia its fertilizer.

    Putin thanked the “very important” role that Recep Tayyip Erdogan played in achieving the agreements that solved a good part of the world’s food crisis.

    Hakan Fidan, head of the Turkish intelligence service, traveled to talk about Syria. Erdogan’s delegation was robust, including the ministers of foreign affairs, defense, energy, finance, agriculture and trade.

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    Source: France 24

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