NewsEuropeThe denial of protection to Armenians in Ukraine confirmed by administrative justice

    The denial of protection to Armenians in Ukraine confirmed by administrative justice

    An Armenian mother and daughter who have lived in Ukraine for 17 years have been denied temporary protection granted to Ukrainian refugees in France.

    The administrative court of Rouen on Wednesday agreed with the prefect of Seine-Maritime who had refused to grant to Armenians established in Ukraine and refugees in France the temporary protection granted to Ukrainian refugees, reports this Thursday a judicial source.

    “In the state of the investigation” of the file, “none of the means raised (by the defense, editor’s note) is likely to create a serious doubt on the legality of the decision” prefectural dated July 4, since the applicant “does not justify a valid permanent residence permit issued in accordance with Ukrainian law”, considers the administrative court in a decision that AFP was able to consult.

    Two women, a mother and her 25-year-old daughter who arrived at the age of 8 in Ukraine where the family has lived for 17 years, according to their lawyer Me Solenn Leprince, are the subject of a similar double decision of the administrative court.

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    “They see themselves as Ukrainians”

    The two women do not have a permanent residence permit in Ukraine but a permit renewed each year, the lawyer explained to AFP. The latter was not able to specify why the two women had not obtained this residence permit with permanent validity after 17 years in Ukraine. Me Leprince has announced an interim appeal in the coming days.

    “They consider themselves Ukrainians and they don’t understand what is going on, why they are treated differently from other Ukrainians. At the start of the war, before fleeing, they spent ten days in a cellar”, developed the ‘lawyer.

    According to her, after the first prefectural refusal, “they were kicked out overnight” from the accommodation center where they were accommodated, before reintegrating them for the duration of the procedure before the administrative court. “There, it will be the same thing,” she lamented.

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    Eight Armenians from Ukraine contested the same refusal

    Initially, eight Armenians living in Ukraine and refugees in France, who contested the refusal to grant temporary protection by the prefect of Seine-Maritime, had obtained in summary proceedings that the prefect grant them a temporary residence permit until the re-examination of their situation.

    Of these eight Armenian refugees from Ukraine, including families, some have gone to Germany, considering that they can obtain there more easily than in France this temporary protection decided on at European level after the start of the war in Ukraine. Only these two women had continued the procedure, according to Me Leprince.

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    Source: BFM TV

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