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    Spain: at least four dead in a collision with a commuter train north of Barcelona

    A terrible accident occurred this Sunday north of Barcelona, ​​​​the emergency services said. Several people were injured and were treated by paramedics.

    At least four people died and three were injured on Sunday after being hit by a commuter train as it crossed a railway line in Catalonia, northeastern Spain, emergency services said .

    The accident happened when a group of seven people tried to cross the train tracks in Montmelo, about twenty kilometers north of Barcelona, ​​wrote the emergency services of Catalonia on X. According to a Spanish media , a music festival was held not far from there on Sunday evening, the day before a holiday in Catalonia.

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    The emergency services sent nine ambulances and a helicopter to the scene.

    “We searched for other possible victims near the train. We did not find any others and transported the injured to the ambulance,” the regional fire department said on X.

    Open investigation

    Transport Minister Raquel Sanchez offered her condolences to the families of the victims. Pere Aragones, head of Catalonia’s regional government, said he was “completely devastated” by the tragedy. Police are investigating the causes of the accident, he added.

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    About 170 passengers were on board the commuter train and did not need treatment. However, the line was suspended after this fatal accident.

    In June 2010, an express train hit a group of people crossing the tracks on their way to the beach in Castelldefels, killing 12 people.

    People had just gotten off the train and were cutting through the tracks to go to the beach, where a concert was being given for the summer solstice. Voices had criticized the lack of sufficient marking leading to an underpass and the existence of an old crossing which had misled pedestrians.

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    Source: BFM TV

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