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    Scotland: 11 people tried in Glasgow for sexual abuse of minors during witchcraft sessions

    Eleven people are on trial in Glasgow, Scotland, for having participated in a network of sexual abuse of children in the context of witchcraft sessions. Some of them are also accused of attempted murder and killing of dogs.

    Seven men and four women are on trial at the High Court of Justice in Glasgow (Scotland) for having raped and/or sexually abused children between January 2010 and October 2020, report several British media including Sky News.

    The alleged victims were also forced to watch and participate in witchcraft classes, pointing wands and casting spells that made them believe they had “transformed into animals.”

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    Children were also repeatedly raped while members of the group “clapped, cheered and verbally encouraged” the sexual abuse while filming it, according to prosecutors.

    5 of 11 accused prosecuted for attempted murder

    Five of the eleven defendants are also charged with attempted murder for locking a child in a closet. She was also allegedly forced to behave like a dog and eat canine food. The child was also allegedly hung by his clothing from a nail in the wall and pushed into a microwave oven.

    All the accused are also charged with mistreating and killing a number of dogs, as well as forcing two children to stab the animals.

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    All of the accused, aged between 38 and 51 and charged with multiple other offenses such as drug possession, deny the facts. The trial is expected to last at least six weeks.

    Hugues Garnier Journalist BFMTV

    Source: BFM TV

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