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    Mitsotakis is sworn in as Prime Minister of Greece and presents part of his cabinet

    Conservative Kyriakos Mitsotakis took over as Greek prime minister again on June 26, following a landslide victory for his New Democracy party in Sunday’s re-election. The bench of the center-right leader won 158 seats in Parliament, achieving an absolute majority. Mitsotakis, who has vowed to rebuild Greece’s credit rating, named his movement’s vice president Kostis Hatzidakis as finance minister and former Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias as head of the defense portfolio.

    Greece points to a new political cycle after parliamentary elections on Sunday. The conservative Kyriakos Mitsotakis, from the New Democracy party, emerged as the winner with 40.5% of the vote.

    The prime minister was sworn in again before the head of state, Katerina Sakelaropulu, and Archbishop Jerome II of Athens at the Greek Presidency headquarters, during a ceremony broadcast on public television.

    Before the act, Mitsotakis had met Sakelaropulu, who commissioned him to form a new government, which he will be able to lead independently after his bench obtained 158 of the 300 seats in Parliament, with which he achieved an absolute majority, as in the last four years.

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    “I have promised that in this second term we are going to make the big changes that the country so badly needs,” the 55-year-old banker told Sakelaropulu, reaffirming his promises to advance in economic reforms, in the tourism sector and in the creation of More workplaces.

    The second force will be from the leftist opposition Syriza, which only got 17.8% and obtained only 48 seats.

    the first thus prevailed over the opposition. However, it will also have to face a Legislature that includes legislators from new far-right parties.

    Greece held elections last May and the bench of Mitsotakis led the results, but after failing to obtain an absolute majority, the country’s leader then stated that he would not form a coalition government and proposed new elections.

    A Greek cabinet marked by political continuity

    Most of the cabinet is scheduled to be sworn in on Tuesday, June 27. However, political experts point out that the government team it will be marked by the continuity of the majority of officials who made up the previous Administration.

    And it is that of Of the 20 ministries, 14 will be led by politicians from the previous cycle, as officially announced so far.

    In fact, this Monday Mitsotakis announced that he had appointed the vice president of his party, Kostis Hatzidakis, as the new finance minister.

    Likewise, the premier handed over the leadership of the Defense portfolio to his former foreign minister Nikos Dendias, confirmed a government spokesman.

    The official added that George Gerapetritis would be the country’s foreign minister. It’s about a man close to Mitsotakis and former minister of state.

    Kostis Hatzidakis, former head of Labor and vice president of New Democracy, will become head of the Ministry of Economy.

    The new cabinet will also show a low participation of women. Only four spaces will be led by them among twenty ministries.

    In all, 15 women will join the portfolios, but the vast majority as deputy ministers.

    With EFE and Reuters

    Source: France 24

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