NewsEuropeItaly: 5-year-old girl dies in Italian patrol plane crash

    Italy: 5-year-old girl dies in Italian patrol plane crash

    The drama took place near Turin airport during rehearsals for the centenary meeting of the Italian Air Force. The child was in a car that was involved in the ground.

    A 5-year-old girl died on Saturday when a plane belonging to the Frecce Tricolori acrobatic patrol crashed to the ground at Turin airport, northern Italy, during an exercise. training.

    The accident occurred when a training plane, an MB-339, rushed to the ground during takeoff. The pilot was able to eject with his parachute but, according to the daily website La Repubblicaan incandescent part of the plane broke away and hit a car on the ground in which the little girl was.

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    The latter had come with her parents to watch the military planes train for a flight planned the next day as part of the centenary of the Italian Air Force, ultimately canceled following the accident.

    His nine-year-old brother was seriously injured, while his two parents and the pilot were also injured, but none of them were in serious condition, according to media reports.

    Questioned by AFP, the air force was not immediately able to communicate.

    Source: BFM TV

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