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    Heatwave: Germany reflects on the need for a nap at work in the face of high heat

    For his part, the German Minister of Health believes that, if the idea is not bad, it is up to companies and employees to organize and negotiate among themselves.

    “We should be inspired by the working practices of southern countries in hot weather.” Faced with the heatwave episode that part of the country is experiencing, a German public health group recommends changing habits and adapting.

    “Getting up early, working productively in the morning and taking a nap at noon is a concept we should embrace during the summer months,” said Johannes Niessen, director of the association of public health officials BVOeGD, in an interview with RND.

    “A medical interest”

    “People aren’t as efficient in hot weather as they are in normal times,” he said. “Additionally, poor sleep in the absence of nighttime chills leads to concentration problems.”

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    In reaction, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said a siesta was “certainly not a bad proposition”, but that employers and workers should negotiate it among themselves and that the government had no intention for the time being to get involved in this issue.

    “Napping certainly has medical relevance for many professions,” he wrote. in a tweet.

    As Reuters reports, employers’ union BDA has also been open to the siesta proposal, saying more flexible working hours could allow employees to take longer mid-day breaks if it suits both. parts.

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    “foot bath”

    While the Mediterranean regions are crumbling under the heat, Germany has experienced temperatures of around 30°C over a large part of the country. In Bavaria, a peak of 38.8°C was recorded this Saturday.

    Johannes Niessen also advocates “sufficient fans and lighter clothing, even if the rules of dress in an office do not allow it”.

    “A cold foot bath under the desk would be another option to keep cool when working from home,” he finally added.

    Source: BFM TV

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