NewsEuropeGermany: the government approves the legalization of recreational cannabis

    Germany: the government approves the legalization of recreational cannabis

    Legislation legalizing the practice must be debated and voted on by Parliament. It would allow adults to possess and consume cannabis for recreational purposes.

    Germany took a further step towards the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes on Wednesday with the adoption by the Council of Ministers of the bill, which will be accompanied by a prevention campaign aimed at young people.

    According to the text, which must still be debated and voted on by Parliament, it will be possible from the age of 18 to buy and possess up to 25 grams of cannabis. According to this bill, it will also be possible to cultivate up to three cannabis plants for one’s own use.

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    Germany will thus have one of the most liberal legislations in Europe, following in the footsteps of Malta and Luxembourg, which legalized recreational cannabis in 2021 and 2023 respectively.

    The coalition of the social democrat of Olaf Scholz with the Greens and the Liberals made this legalization one of the flagship projects of his mandate even if the initial plan went much further. Faced with the reservations of the European Union, Berlin had to review its copy.

    The announced reform, however, provokes criticism from the opposition, police unions or judges who believe that it will not put an end to trafficking, when this is one of the stated objectives.

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    Cannabis social clubs

    The new legislation provides for the creation of non-profit associations whose adult members – their number is limited to 500 – will be able to cultivate the plant for their own consumption, under the supervision of the public authorities.

    These “Cannabis social clubs” – as they call themselves – will have a regulated activity: they will only be able to supply their members and at the rate of 25 grams per day with a maximum of 50 grams per month. For young people aged 18-21, it will be a little less: 30 grams per month. These clubs will be subject to controls by the public authorities.

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    The consumption of cannabis must be outside these clubs and will be prohibited within 200 meters of these clubs, schools, playgrounds, sports fields and associations for young people.

    Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is also planning to launch a major awareness campaign aimed at young people on the dangers of cannabis for the brain “particularly harmful when it is still in a period of growth”.

    “For young people (under 18, editor’s note), consumption remains prohibited and for young adults (up to 21), it is limited”, he recalled in a press release.

    Source: BFM TV

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