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    Europe and the US are working on a regulatory code for Artificial Intelligence

    Washington and Brussels will leave a pact in writing that will serve as control over Artificial Intelligence, which has been developing exponentially in recent months. Work is done with the heads of the cybernetic sector so that they voluntarily join the project. The announcement comes amid concerns and warnings from scientists and experts about the danger that Artificial Intelligence can pose to humanity.

    A voluntary code of conduct to regulate Artificial Intelligence (AI). Amid warnings about its disproportionate use, the United States and the European Union launched to consolidate a control project that would take effect in about three years.

    According to the European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestarger, a “responsible” AI is needed. The official argued that generative AI “is a complete game changer.”

    The statements were made in the context of the European Union-United States Trade and Technology Council. Those in charge of preparing this regulation will have the opinion of the main exponents in the industry, a hook that will serve to attract their voluntary commitment signature.

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    For his part, the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, who also participated in the joint council session, assured that the meeting plays a crucial role in “helping to establish voluntary codes of conduct that would be open to all countries like-minded.”

    In this sense, the unitary European bloc leads the way in terms of regulation. While AI develops with visible advances exponentially, the EU hopes that a turning point will be established to begin the efforts to apply the aspects agreed for its use.

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    AI Warnings

    High-level executives from cybernetic companies such as Microsoft and Google, along with a group of scientists and leaders in the computer industry, warned about the danger that Artificial Intelligence represents.

    In a statement, the experts stated that “mitigating the extinction risk of AI should be a global priority along with other societal risks such as pandemics and nuclear war”. Among the leaders who signed the document were Geoffrey Hinton, a scientist known as the Godfather of AI, and Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, maker of the world famous ChatGTP.

    Months ago, a longer letter was released with the support of at least 1,000 insiders, including South African tycoon Elon Musk. The text called for a pause of about six months in the development of AI, arguing “profound risks for society and for humanity.”

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    David Krueger, assistant professor of computer science at the University of Crambridge, quoted by the AP news agency, argued that among the fundamental problems that the development of AI has raised is the hypothesis that it is not necessary for it to be self-aware or set their own goals to pose a threat to humanity.

    The rapid development of AI and how difficult it can be in terms of control have been one of the most debated topics in recent months. Another of the warnings is the high number of jobs that will be lost, since AI is capable of carrying out tasks similar to that of humans. .

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    Source: France 24

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