NewsEuropeAfter the giant fires, Greece faces torrential rains

    After the giant fires, Greece faces torrential rains

    Locally, 500 to 600 mm of water are expected, the equivalent of a year of precipitation. The phenomenon is expected to continue in the coming hours.

    From one disaster to another. Already hard hit by devastating fires this summer, including the one which ravaged the Dadia national park in Evros over the last two weeks, Greece has been hit since Monday evening by torrential rains which have left at least one dead.

    “Intensive storms and rains fell on Tuesday, especially in Volos, capital of the department of Magnisia (in the center of the country, editor’s note)” where a man was found dead, government spokesperson Yannis Artopios said on television. public Ert.

    According to initial reports, the victim was swept away by a torrent, while a shepherd in the village of Agios Georgios, in the same region, is missing, according to Yannis Artopios.

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    The equivalent of a year of precipitation

    The numbers are impressive. Rainfall reached 200 mm and 516 mm in the neighboring village of Zagora, located at the foot of Mount Pilion, according to the National Meteorological Service (EMY), which recommended that residents of the region limit their travel.

    Locally, 500 to 600 mm of water is expected, the equivalent of a year of precipitation, estimates The evening.

    Since Monday, the EMY has warned of severe bad weather which will affect the country until Thursday and “the authorities are in a state of alert”, according to the government.

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    On Monday evening, storms hit the island of Euboea, near Athens, where they caused landslides, as well as the region of Elis, in the Peloponnese (southwest), where crops were damaged. been damaged, according to local media.

    The fire “under control”

    On the front line of the immense fire in the Dadia forest in Evros, which has been burning since August 19, Yannis Artopios told AFP that “the fire is under control and no outbreak is active”.

    “Firefighters remain on site to monitor the situation,” he said.

    Described as a “mega-fire” according to experts, the Dadia forest fire, an area protected by the European Natura 2000 network, has so far destroyed more than 81,000 hectares, or almost half of the hectares affected by fires since the start of summer in Greece, according to the European Copernicus Observatory (EMS).

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    Like many countries around the Mediterranean, Greece is plagued every summer by devastating fires which this year killed 26 people and ravaged at least 150,000 hectares.

    After months of historic drought, Spain was also hit by torrential rains which left three people dead and three missing.

    Source: BFM TV

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