NewsEthiopiaEU calls for cessation of possible rights violations in Ethiopia

    EU calls for cessation of possible rights violations in Ethiopia

    The European Union called Thursday for an end to possible human rights violations in Ethiopia, after noting the deterioration of the crisis in the Tigray region, where it demands that humanitarian actors be allowed to work.

    In conclusions adopted by the EU-27, the bloc is “extremely concerned” by the testimonies from the field that speak of possible “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity”, such as extrajudicial killings, and has called for an end to this drift and justice, bringing the perpetrators to justice.

    Concern about the conflict in Tigray, where the military campaign of the government of Abiy Ahmed has been going on for four months. It therefore calls on all parties to “immediately cease” the violence and ensure rapid humanitarian access to care for all people in the region.

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    “Efforts should be increased to address the needs of the population in the region and to ensure their assistance, in full cooperation with the United Nations and humanitarian organizations on the ground,” reiterated the text agreed to by the EU-27.

    Likewise, in view of the fear that the “complex internal situation” could lead to instability in the Horn of Africa region, the EU has called for a de-escalation of the military escalation and for the Abidjan government to increase cooperation with the African Union to take steps towards a peaceful and concerted solution to the conflict, while preserving regional stability at all times.

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    In this regard, the EU stresses its desire to maintain a constructive dialogue with Ethiopia to address all the challenges facing the country and applauds the economic and political reforms implemented by Abiy, including the call for elections on June 5.

    For the moment the European Union has chosen as main measure to stop the disbursement of humanitarian aid in Ethiopia, in response to the deterioration of the situation in Tigray, although this Wednesday the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, indicated that for the moment he is not considering the adoption of sanctions.

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    In order to have a closer knowledge of the situation in the Horn of Africa, Borrell asked the Finnish Foreign Minister, Peeka Haavisto, to travel to the area and draw up a report, which the EU Council used for its conclusions. In a meeting a few weeks ago with journalists in Brussels, Haavisto assured that the Addis Ababa offensive in the Tigray rebel region has opened a “pandora’s box” with a conflict that is “out of control”.

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