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    Amhara Genocide: 45 Amharas got burnt with fire while in a single residence in Metekel, Ethiopia

    In a place called Muzen, in Dibate wereda of Metekel administrative zone, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and Gumuz terrorist gun men, in collaboration with the special force of the Gumuz regional state, are committing #genocide and ethnic cleansing on resident #Amharas, survivors reported to Ashara Media.

    It is since November 17, 2020 that the genocide being committed in a planned way that together with a man trying to defend children and women, 45 Amharas got burnt yesterday with fire while in a single house, survivor in the resident reported.

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    According to our sources, those Amhara victims in Muzen kebele wounded by the OLF and Gumuz terrorist gun men were mass-shoot by the special force of the Gumuz regional state.
    This time, we are not allowed to move to anywhere since roads are blocked by the terrorist OLF and Gumuz gun men and the special force of the Gumuz regional state; the government is taking NO action to save us; we are not acting to defend ourselves as our families [children and women] have no exit, our source stated.

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    At last, they requested us to urgently announce the concerned body so that the blocked roads get opened, as several children and women, who lost their families in the genocide, and those who got wounded, demand immediate help.

    Source: Ashara Media

    Bazezew Zerihun
    Bazezew Zerihun
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