NewsEthiopiaEthiopia: 550 TPLF rebels killed in law enforcement operation in West Tigray

    Ethiopia: 550 TPLF rebels killed in law enforcement operation in West Tigray

    According to Fana Broadcasting Corporation report, The Ethiopian Defense Forces in West Tigray have so far destroyed 550 members of the TPLF rebels.
    In addition, 29 members of the Tigray Special Forces and “Minisha” were surrendered.
    The extremist militant group has reportedly got heavy material casualties on this war front.
    So far, 115 Kalashnikov rifles, 11 Machine guns, 2 Dishka guns, 8 RPGs, 152 grenades; 2 sniper rifles, 4 M-14 weapons, 2 Incom radios captured.
    In addition, 21,650 Kalashnikov ammunition, 14,730 Machine gun ammunition, 1 battle goggles, 64 battle belts, 6 RPGs rocket, 90 Kalashnikov magazines and 10 machine guns bandoleer were seized.
    On the other hand five tanks that was looted from the 5th Mechanized Regiment of the Northern Command was returned to Ethiopian Defence Force. And one tank is destroyed and one another tank is in the hands of the enemy.
    Maj. Gen. Belay Seyoum, Commander-in-Chief of the Northern Command, said the law enforcement campaign has been intensified with victory.
    The Commander-in-Chief said that the army’s ability to carry out its mission is at an all-time high, adding that the army has taken control of the Dansha, Tirkan, Division, Baeker, Rawuyan and Humera towns.

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    Bazezew Zerihun
    Bazezew Zerihun
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