NewsErdogan: "We are not the only winners, the winner is Turkiye"

    Erdogan: “We are not the only winners, the winner is Turkiye”

    The politician offered a message to the nation in Ankara after winning re-election in the second round of the presidential elections this Sunday.

    Celebrating his victory in the presidential elections this Sunday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that the nation “has made its decision in favor of the ‘Turkey century'” in one of the most important elections in the country’s political life.

    “We are not the only winners. The winner is Turkey, the winner is our nation with all its segments, our democracy is the winner,” the president told some 320,000 people who gathered in front of the presidential complex in Ankara.

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    The re-elected president stated that “nobody has lost today, all 85 million [de ciudadanos] they have won”, and urged the population to “unite” and pursue their national goals and dreams. In addition, he expressed the hope that together they will continue to “build and revive the ‘Century of Turkey'”.

    Those who “have lost” are the Western media, said Erdogan, who blamed them for publishing front pages to “destroy” him.

    Now that he will continue to rule the country, his government will focus on the problems caused by inflation, which, along with compensating for the loss of citizens’ well-being, are the “most urgent” priority to solve. “We plan to focus the economy on financial management, investment and jobs,” summed up the Turkish president.

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    More information, shortly.

    Source: RT

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