NewsEmployees of the Virgin Atlantic airline will be able to choose their...

    Employees of the Virgin Atlantic airline will be able to choose their uniform “regardless of their gender” (VIDEO)

    The company’s new policies also include the introduction of optional pronoun badges for staff and passengers.

    The Virgin Atlantic airline announced this Wednesday that it has changed its uniform policy, in such a way that its employees will be able to choose work clothes without gender conditions.

    This update allows personnel, including aircraft crew, pilots, and ground personnel, to wear a uniform that “better represents you, regardless of gender, gender identity, or gender expression”said the airline founded by British billionaire Richard Branson.

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    In this way, the crew will be able to choose between the company’s ‘red’ option — skirt suit — previously worn by stewardesses, and the ‘burgundy’ option — pants suit — worn by male flight attendants.

    Also, the airline is introducing optional pronoun badges, which will allow staff and passengers to display the pronouns with which they wish to be referred to. The ticketing system will also allow gender-neutral passport holders to use gender codes ‘U’ or ‘X’ in their booking, as well as the gender-neutral ‘Mx’ title.

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    The new policies also include training courses inclusion training mandatory for staff and follow previous changes, including optional make-up, as well as allowing employees to wear visible tattoos.

    Source: RT

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