NewsElon Musk urges disclosure of how aid to Ukraine is being spent

    Elon Musk urges disclosure of how aid to Ukraine is being spent

    This is yet another comment from the famous businessman who shows his skepticism about the official narrative regarding Ukraine.

    Billionaire Elon Musk has commented on the lack of transparency about how funds allocated by the US for aid to Ukraine are used, in the context of its conflict with Russia.

    In connection with the release of information that the US plans to announce a new package of military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $1.3 billionthe owner of Twitter wrote on the social network: “It would be nice if the public had some idea of how the money is spent!”.

    Canadian volunteers in Ukraine reportedly complain of

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    The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has often been skeptical of the mainstream media’s narrative of the conflict in Ukraine and Western support for kyiv.

    Thus, last weekend the technology magnate accused the US authorities of “hypocrites” commenting on the Biden Administration’s decision to send cluster munitions in the framework of military assistance to Ukraine for use against Russian troops. “The US has always labeled those who use cluster bombs as evil, but now we send them to be used?” she tweeted. The businessman pointed out that “nothing good will come of this.” “Fate loves irony but hates hypocrisy“, he concluded.

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    Last month Musk questioned a new multi-billion dollar US military aid package to Ukraine, commenting: “How will this end? I don’t mean illusions, but reality.”

    Days before, he had posted on his account a video of the famous journalist Tucker Carlson, who questioned the suggestions of various US media that Russia could be the author of the attack on the Kajovka hydroelectric power station, which caused extensive flooding and destroyed entire populations. in the province of Kherson, presenting in return arguments that indicated the responsibility from kyiv.

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    Source: RT

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