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    Electoral violence in Ecuador: More than a dozen attacks on candidates for the February elections

    On February 5, Ecuadorians will go to the polls to participate in the sectional elections, a referendum proposed by the Executive and the election of the new Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCS).

    But the electoral process takes place in the midst of the insecurity crisis that the South American country is going through, linked mainly to drug trafficking and organized crime, issue that has affected the candidates and people close to them.

    To date, three deaths have been recorded. Last Saturday he was murdered Julius Caesar Farachiocandidate for mayor of the Salinas canton, in the province of Santa Elena, on the Ecuadorian coast.

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    Electoral violence in Ecuador: More than a dozen attacks on candidates for the February elections

    The event occurred when Farachio was making a tour, as part of his electoral campaign, in the Jose Luis Tamayo parish. Two men riding a motorcycle shot him.

    The following day, the Police reported the capture of Brayan R., the alleged mastermind of the crime and who, according to the authorities, had made several death threats against the candidate.

    On August 10 of last year, 11 days before the National Electoral Council (CNE) officially called the sectional and CPCCS elections, he was assassinated. gerardo delgadoa journalist who was emerging as a candidate for councilor of Manta for the Citizen Revolution, as confirmed by the movement at the time.

    The crime was recorded on Metropolitan Avenue in the city of Montecristi, at the height of the Las Paolas sector, in the coastal province of Manabi. Delgado was intercepted by a gray car from which two men got out: one stood in front of the driver’s window and the other on the passenger side, and several shots were fired at the communicator. A third suspect would have stayed in the attackers’ vehicle.

    Subsequently, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) indicated that two people were arrested for their alleged participation in the crime.

    Added to them is the murder of Xavier Zambrano Gilces, adviser to Rodrigo Aparicio, candidate for mayor of Duran, in the province of Guayas. The incident occurred on December 7.

    Zambrano was killed with multiple shots while driving in his truck on the Duran-Yaguachi highway. More than 26 bullet holes were left in the car.

    other attacks

    On August 26, 2022, Michael Ruiza rural councilor and candidate for mayor of Esmeraldas, in the province of the same name, was the victim of an attack with firearms when he was traveling to a conversation with citizens of the canton where he aspires to be mayor.

    The attack was repelled for his security, as Ruiz later reported in a release. This was the second attack against him, after having suffered another in February of last year.

    On the night of September 18, Jose Arroyo, a candidate for mayor of the Pujili canton, in the province of Cotopaxi, suffered an attack outside his home. A couple of individuals attacked him with a knife, causing injuries to his abdomen and other parts of his body.

    On October 17, there was an attack against the former Ecuadorian soccer player and also a candidate for mayor of Esmeraldas, Frickson Erazo; his truck was incinerated and shots were fired at his home. A few days later there was a second attack, when individuals planted explosives outside his house and detonated them.

    In November, his cousin Lorenzo Martinez Erazo, 28, was shot dead by individuals who were traveling on a motorcycle, near a shopping center in Esmeraldas.

    On December 20, Javier Pincaycandidate for mayor of Portoviejo, capital of the province of Manabi, suffered an attack in which he was shot several times by two individuals who were riding a motorcycle, while he was touring the city.

    The following day, December 21, an explosive device was detonated next to a vehicle used by the candidate to carry out his electoral campaign. In the place they left pamphlets that said: “Javier Pincay, I told you, You don’t play with the drug dealer’s money. You give me back yes or yes all my money or face all the consequences, you and all your people “.

    That same day, Fabian Portes Diaz, nephew of Gisella Diaz, candidate for rural councilor in Esmeraldas. The event occurred in the 26 de Junio ​​neighborhood of Esmeralda, when the young man and another citizen, identified as Jefferson Caicedo, were traveling in a vehicle and were attacked with firearms by individuals on a motorcycle.

    The electoral campaign for the February 5 elections in Ecuador begins: what will be voted for?

    Diaz vowed revenge. In a video that went viral on social networks, you can hear them say: “If the people let me be an authority, I’m going to kill them all, wretches, scourges, cursed.”

    Also on December 21, the home of the mayor and candidate for re-election of the Junin canton, in Manabi, Jonas Intriagowas attacked with a firearm.

    On January 9, for their part, they attacked Richard Firmat, candidate for mayor of the Simon Bolivar canton, in Guayas.

    The event occurred near the Pueblo Arrecho sector of that municipality, when the candidate was mobilizing with his work team. As a result of the attack, Pedro Burgos, one of his companions, was injured.

    What will be chosen?

    In the sectional elections, the prefects and vice-prefects of 23 of the 24 provinces of the country, 221 municipal mayors, 1,307 urban and rural councilors, and 4,109 members of parish councils will be elected.

    For the CPCCS, there will be a vote for its seven main members and seven substitutes; and in the referendum they will answer eight questions on various issues that seek to make changes to the Constitution.

    Source: RT

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