NewsElections in Spain: the progressive and conservative blocks are tied at 76%...

    Elections in Spain: the progressive and conservative blocks are tied at 76% of the vote

    According to these results, a coalition government could be reissued, with Sumar, progressive.

    With almost 77% of the votes counted, the Popular Party is the formation that gets the most deputies, while the Socialist Party is the one with the most votes in the general elections in Spain, with a surprising result that amends all the polls in recent weeks due to its technical tie between the progressive and conservative blocs. In third and fourth place are Vox and Sumar, respectively.

    Participation has been high, close to that registered in the 2019 elections, despite the fact that it is the first time that elections were held in summer, when a large part of the citizenry is on vacation. In fact, the date has caused the vote by mail to skyrocket to almost two and a half million.

    He People’s Partyfor the moment, is the formation that achieves the most parliamentary representation, with 31% of the votes, which translates into 132 seats of the 350 that make up the Congress of Deputies. For his part, he Socialist Partyreached 32% of the votes, which ensured 126 seats in the lower house.

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    The rest of the political parties have obtained the following result in seats:

    • Voice: 33
    • Add: 30
    • Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC): 7
    • Together for Catalonia (Together x Cat): 7
    • EH Bildu: 6
    • Basque Nationalist Party (PNV): 5
    • Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG): 1
    • Union of the Navarre People (UPN): 1
    • Canary Islands Coalition (CC): 1

    Throughout the beginning of the vote, the two blocs have been tied, and even the Socialist Party has also led the count in seats until reaching 50% of the vote.

    The first to appear was the general secretary of Vox, Ignacio Garriga, at the edge of 8:30 p.m., who wanted to thank all those who have participated in the electoral campaign of his formation because “they have had to suffer violent attacks and a campaign of manipulation without precedents”, according to what he said.

    Spain goes to the electoral polls for an atypical electoral day in the middle of summer

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    Garriga has also maintained that Sanchez’s choice of the date was only intended to hinder participation and that they will continue working to “give a voice to the Spanish people.” However, he did not want to speak out about the exit polls that at that time gave him a large drop in seats.

    “Spanish citizens have once again set a civic example,” said Cuca Gamarra, spokesman for the Popular Party, just a few minutes later. He has conveyed his gratitude to the members of the polling stations, the State security forces, the auditors and the Post Office officials for “the effort they have made during all these days.

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    Before the start of the scrutiny, Gamarra congratulated himself on his party’s electoral result, arguing that they are once again the leading national force since 2015 and that their leader, Nunez Feijoo, is the only one who has risen in votes in all constituencies.

    Sumar’s spokesman, Ernest Urtasun, also thanked first of all all those involved in holding the elections. Regarding the results, he has appealed to prudence and has said that a clear result cannot be anticipated, although he wanted to convey optimism and confidence. “We are going to wait for the count to take place to assess the result,” he concluded.

    That of the spokesperson for the Socialist Party, Pilar Alegria, has also appealed to “maximum prudence” until the recount takes place.

    Source: RT

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