News"Did you inform the former presidents?": Lopez Obrador questions Fox and Calderon...

    “Did you inform the former presidents?”: Lopez Obrador questions Fox and Calderon after ruling against Garcia Luna

    The former Secretary of Security was found guilty of complicity with the Sinaloa Cartel.

    The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, questioned his predecessors Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon this Wednesday, after the ruling that found Genaro Garcia Luna, who was a powerful security official in both governments, guilty of drug trafficking and other crimes.

    “The substance of the matter, what is omitted is what is the explanation that you are going to give to the people of Mexico about why you named Garcia Luna, and if you knew or did not know (that he was allied with drug trafficking),” he warned. the mandatary.

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    The day before, in a historic ruling, Garcia Luna he was found guilty of the five charges he has faced since he was arrested in late 2019: three for international conspiracy to export cocaine and other drugs to the US through bribes paid by the Sinaloa Cartel; another for organized crime and one more, for having lied to a federal immigration agent in 2018.

    The trial began on January 11 and ended on Tuesday. With the sentence, Garcia Luna became one of the highest-ranking former Mexican officials to be convicted of crimes related to drug trafficking.

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    The sentence will be known on June 27, but it is expected that it can range between 20 years in prison and life imprisonment.

    The trial against Garcia Luna was followed daily at Lopez Obrador’s press conferenceswho repeatedly warned that we had to wait for the court’s decision.

    The president’s reaction was expected amid strong expectations because the conclusion of the process that took place in the US has a full impact on former President Felipe Calderon, since he was the one who appointed and kept Garcia Luna as secretary of Public Security throughout his six-year term.

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    In fact, Calderon supported his former official until the last moment. After the conviction, he also returned to defend the war against drug trafficking that was led by Garcia Luna, the former secretary who, according to US justice, instead of fighting drug traffickers, allied with them.

    Source: RT

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