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    Did Biden order to blow up the Nord Stream pipelines? Seymour Hersh explains why he thinks so

    The famous journalist points out that if the West wanted to carry out a real investigation, they would get the answer “in a few days.”

    The Administration of President Joe Biden decided to blow up the Nord Stream gas pipelines before the stalemate of the conflict in Ukraine. This is suggested by the acclaimed American journalist Seymour Hersh in an interview with RT’s ‘Direct Impact’ program.

    “In September, when Biden said ‘let’s do it’ and gave the order the war was clearly stalled. And now we invest close to 120,000 million dollars in the war. And they asked Western Europe to send more and more help [a Ucrania]. And in Western Europe, in Germany, they were worried because they were seeing that this war was going nowhere,” says the Pulitzer Prize winner.

    In the interview, Hersh reiterates his version that US Navy divers carried out the acts of sabotage, while mentioning one of the messages transmitted to him by one of his sources. “This it was a great operation. We collaborated with the Norwegians, we did it covertly, we did everything. Not a single footprint was found. The only problem is that it was a really foolish actionstupid”, the journalist quoted her words.

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    In this context, he remarks that if the West wanted to carry out a real investigation, they would get the answer “in a few days.” The interviewee claims that in the US “they know who” is behind the blasting of the gas pipelines, but “no reporter” dares to ask a question about it.

    “We have most of the countries in Europe working with us, we could have gotten the answer to that question in a few days. But, of course, nobody has asked it, and the White House is not going to ask it because it knows who did it. Why ask and investigate? Why make it public? The whole story is falling apart, and there is pressure,” he emphasizes.

    Scholz did “nothing” to prevent it

    On the other hand, Hersh attacks the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, because “he has not done anything to prevent” the blowing up of the Nord Stream 1 and 2. Hersh points out that “it is not clear” if the head of the German Executive was aware about who blew up the gas pipelines, but “surely, He has not been among those demanding an investigation“.

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    At the same time, the reporter stresses that Washington has always been concerned about the role of Russian energy supplies in relations between Moscow and Europe.

    The White House on the explosions in Nord Stream: "The US was not involved in any way"

    “Every time the Russians wanted to build a pipeline, we fought like crazy against it. we usually lost, because even the countries that were in NATO wanted to buy gas. So we were always afraid of the power of russian gas“, he highlights.

    Russian gas as the key to Germany’s success

    The journalist believes that “there is no way” to replace Russian gas deliveries at a cheap price, a “key” factor that helped Germany to become an industrial power with companies like the chemical giant BASF or the famous car brands like Mercedes and others.

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    “And don’t forget that [los alemanes] They are part of Western Europe. It took between 8 and 10 years bombing, maiming, raping and killing in Europe West and then return to good customs. And they did it by becoming an industrial power that developed trade and achieved well-being for all. Russia was key, because Germany could feed the industries with cheap gas,” summarizes Hersh.

    • The UN Security Council did not approve a Russian-Chinese draft resolution calling for an international investigation into the Nord Stream explosions on Monday.
    • Until now, no one has claimed authorship of the explosions that caused gas pipeline leaks.
    • Weeks after the Hersh investigation, which is attributed to the United States, was released, several Western media outlets published articles suggesting that a pro-ukrainian group was responsible.

    You will be able to see the full version of the interview this Wednesday.

    Source: RT

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