NewsClimbing the highest mountain in Africa without losing the Internet connection is...

    Climbing the highest mountain in Africa without losing the Internet connection is now a reality

    The Tanzania State Telecommunications Corporation installed network service on Mount Kilimanjaro at an altitude of 3,720 meters on Tuesday.

    Thanks to the new project of the Tanzanian authorities to provide high speed internet service On the highest mountain on the African continent, Mount Kilimanjaro, tens of thousands of tourists will have the opportunity to instantly upload photos or videos of their journey and even call rescue services without having to descend.

    The Tanzania State Telecommunications Corporation installed the network on Tuesday at a altitude of 3,720 meters. The Minister of Information, Communication and Information Technologies of the country, Nape Moses Nnauye, ad that it is now possible to connect to the Internet from “the roof of africa“.Nnauye even tried the connection together with some tourists.

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    In rest of Mount Kilimanjaro, of 5,895 meters of altitudewill be equipped with a stable connection by the end of the year, the minister promised.

    The mountain is an important source of budget revenue for Tanzania and Kenya, as about 35,000 people try to peak each year. Internet accessibility may help increase the flow of tourists and provide them with more convenience.

    Source: RT

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