NewsChinese company Baidu claims its AI outperforms ChatGPT in several key aspects

    Chinese company Baidu claims its AI outperforms ChatGPT in several key aspects

    According to tests, the Ernie 3.5 chatbot has surpassed ChatGPT in comprehensive capability scores and GPT-4 in various Chinese capabilities.

    China’s top search engine provider Baidu said on Tuesday that the latest version of its artificial intelligence (AI) service, Ernie Bot, has outperformed Microsoft’s famous OpenAI chatbot, ChatGPT, in several key aspects, it reports. Reuters.

    The tests of Ernie 3.5, the latest version of the program, which were carried out by the state newspaper China Science Daily using data sets such as AGIEval and C-Eval (two parameters used to evaluate the performance of AI models), resulted in Baidu’s chatbot surpassing “ChatGPT in comprehensive capability scores” and “GPT-4 in various Chinese capabilities.”

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    According to Baidu, its new model is more effective at training itself and inferring information, which will allow it to speed up processes and make them cheaper in the future. Furthermore, it is planned that Ernie Bot can be used in external applications, allowing the service to work on more specific tasks, such as summarizing long texts, and generate more precise responses.

    Baidu was the first company in China to create a domestic analogue to ChatGPT services. Subsequently, other large technology companies in the Asian country, such as Alibaba and Tencent, have presented their respective AI models.

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    Source: RT

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