NewsChina Warns Top Taiwanese Presidential Candidate Brings "Danger of War"

    China Warns Top Taiwanese Presidential Candidate Brings “Danger of War”

    “The so-called ‘peace’ rhetoric he flaunts is a complete lie,” Taiwan Affairs Office spokeswoman Zhu Fenglian said.

    Chinese State Council Taiwan Affairs Office spokeswoman Zhu Fenglian called Taiwan’s incumbent vice president and most popular candidate for the 2024 presidential election, Lai Ching-te, “stubborn” and a “complete troublemaker” who He seeks the independence of the island.

    “Lai is a stubborn ‘Taiwan independence fighter’, a complete ‘troublemaker’ and his so-called ‘peace’ argument is a complete lieZhu said of Lai’s remarks during an interview with Bloomberg. “The so-called ‘peace’ rhetoric that he flaunts is a complete lie. Such a person will only bring the danger of war to Taiwan,” he added.

    Taiwan's main presidential candidate seeks to keep peace with Beijing

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    In addition, he denounced that Lai, who is currently visiting Paraguay, this time took advantage of his stopover to visit the US and “defend the fallacy of ‘Taiwan independence’ secessionism.”

    During the interview on July 27, Lai discussed tensions with Beijing, ties with the US and the future of Taiwan’s chip industry. “We are willing to cooperate with China to promote peace and prosperity,” he said. However, he stressed the need to “strengthen” its “military capacity and stand shoulder to shoulder with democracies to effectively deter threats from China and ensure stability in the Indo-Pacific region“.

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    When asked about a path towards a formal independence for the island, the politician insisted that his responsibility is “keep the ‘status quo’ peacefulbecause Taiwan is already a sovereign country.”

    Source: RT

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