NewsChina embarks on world's largest green hydrogen project

    China embarks on world’s largest green hydrogen project

    When the facilities are operational, they will produce 30,000 tons of this resource per year, generated from renewable energy without emitting carbon dioxide.

    In the city-prefecture of Ordos, in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, north China, the first stone of the world’s largest project to produce green hydrogen, generated from renewable energy without carbon dioxide emissions, was laid on Thursday. of carbon (CO2), informs the CGTN channel.

    Sinopec Star Petroleum, a subsidiary of the company Sinopec, responsible for the project, has chosen Ordos, as it is a rich place in solar and wind resources.

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    Both the green hydrogen and oxygen generated at the project are expected to be piped to the deep coal processing project, replacing existing methods.

    When the facilities are operational, they are expected to generate 30,000 tons of green hydrogen and 240,000 tons of green oxygen per year, which could reduce CO2 emissions by around 1.43 million tons per year, which would be equivalent to plant 825,000 trees.

    second project

    China's oil and gas consumption declined in 2022 for the first time in decades

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    This is the second green hydrogen project promoted by Sinopec, after the one that started in 2021 in the city of Kuqa, located in the Sinkiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, also Chinese, and which has been 80% completed.

    China is the largest producer of hydrogen today, although most of it is made from coal. By 2025, the Asian country has the aim to generate 100,000 to 200,000 tons of hydrogen through renewable energy, reducing so the carbon dioxide emissions in between 1 and 2 million tons per year.

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    Recently, an international team of scientists from Australia, China and the UK found a new way to extract water from virtually dry air to produce green hydrogen, which could enable the supply of hydrogen fuel to dry and remote regions.

    Source: RT

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