NewsBritish Army considers introducing rank names without gender marking

    British Army considers introducing rank names without gender marking

    Rank designations that include the word ‘man’ (man) could be replaced by others that do not contain references to any specific gender.

    The UK Armed Forces could dispense with century-old rank names containing the word ‘man’ as too masculine, and replace them with gender-neutral terms, in order to make regiments more inclusive The Times reported this Friday.

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    General Sir Patrick Sanders, Chief of Staff and Colonel Commander of the Rifles and the Honorable Artillery Company, explains that a group of female soldiers complained that Designations like ‘riflesman’ and ‘guardsman’ (rifleman and guard) made them feel excluded. As a result, the institution may introduce changes to the names of certain ranks under a periodic review of “terms and terminology.”

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    The proposal has both supporters and detractors. At a meeting of women soldiers, a member of the Rifles said she was proud of her rifle rank. “Don’t you dare take my rank“, he told Sanders. For his part, a soldier who asked to remain anonymous called the issue “culture war nonsense” and added that he is neither for nor against the measure.

    Similar changes have already been applied in other military institutions. One of them is the Royal Air Force, which last year abolished the last of their gender-marked ranks, replacing ‘aircraftsman’ (second corporal of the Aviation) by ‘air specialist’. “The Army is proud of its heritage and traditions, which have helped make it an effective fighting force throughout its long history. Our people give the British Army a unique advantage and we value every soldier equally.” said a UK Army spokesman.

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    Source: RT

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