NewsBoric does not align with the regional left and supports the presidency...

    Boric does not align with the regional left and supports the presidency of Boluarte in Peru

    The Chilean foreign minister, Antonia Urrejola, would have expressed the “critical position” of La Moneda to the decrees that caused the fall of Pedro Castillo.

    The accolade from the left to Pedro Castillo does not include the hand of Gabriel Boric. The Chilean government has decided to support the management of Dina Boluarte in Peru, contrary to the positions of Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Bolivia.

    “I am grateful for the support of the Government of Chile for President Boluarte’s assumption of constitutional command,” Peruvian Foreign Minister Ana Cecilia Gervasi commented in a radio interview echoed by the Peruvian Foreign Ministry.

    According to Gervasi, Chilean Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola expressed the “critical position” of La Moneda with the decrees that caused the fall of Pedro Castillo, and which they consider a “rupture of the democratic order.”

    In this way, the Boluarte administration – which assumed power eight days ago after the vacancy against Castillo – now has the recognition of Chile in the region and the support of the conservative governments of Ecuador, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

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    A resounding ‘no’

    La Moneda’s position, although different from that of the left bloc, is not surprising. Last Wednesday, Chilean media revealed Boric’s refusal to join the joint statement issued by his counterparts Gustavo Petro, Luis Arce, Alberto Fernandez and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

    In that text, which provoked the call for consultations by the ambassadors of Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico and Argentina in Peru, the left bloc demanded the respect for the will of the people that put Castillo in power and the protection of his fundamental rights.

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    “For the world -says the joint communique- it is not news that President Castillo Terrones, from the day of his election, was the victim of undemocratic harassment, violation of Article 23 of the American Convention on Human Rights, ‘Pact of Costa Rica’, approved on November 22, 1969, to later be subject to judicial treatment in the same way, in violation of article 25 of the aforementioned convention”.

    And it is that, for the bulk of the Latin American left, which includes Honduras and Venezuela, the departure of Castillo, his subsequent arrest and possible imprisonment, is part of a policy of harassment that must be reversed.

    Nevertheless, Boric has been wayward in that consensus. According to the revelations of La Tercera, the Chilean foreign minister gave a resounding ‘no’ to the proposal of her Colombian counterpart, Alvaro Leyva, to join the joint statement in favor of Castillo.

    Petro questions the role of the American Convention in the crisis in Peru

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    Beyond the certainty or not of that episode, Chile’s position was made clear in a television intervention by Urrejola on Tuesday, when he asserted that the vacated president of Peru “does not respect constitutional norms.”

    “It is not up to me as chancellor to pronounce on the accusations. What does seem fundamental to us with a neighboring country is be able to insist on the importance of the rule of law“Said the minister during the True Lies program.

    At the moment, the Chilean Foreign Ministry has not made any public pronouncements on Castillo’s situation, but issued a statement on Thursday to give instructions to its compatriots in Peru, in view of the recently decreed state of emergency that suspends various constitutional rights.

    For the Boric government, this measure by the Boluarte administration has been taken “in order to guarantee internal order, the continuity of economic activities and the protection of citizens.”

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    Source: RT

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