NewsBolsonaro's wife enters the political arena in Brazil to "increase female participation"

    Bolsonaro’s wife enters the political arena in Brazil to “increase female participation”

    The Liberal Party, with which Bolsonaro ran for election, explained that Michelle will travel around the country to, among other things, increase female participation in politics.

    Michelle de Paula Firmo Reinaldo Bolsonaro, wife of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, has decided to enter politics and join the Liberal Party (PL), with which her husband ran in the last elections.

    The PL reported on social networks that, as of this Thursday, Michelle, 40, is the new president of “PL Mujer”a section of the party dedicated to encouraging female candidacies.

    “The woman has a special way of looking. She can be wherever she wants. She manages to be a mother, work in politics and carry out various activities,” Michelle commented.

    According to the formation, Michelle plans to travel throughout the country “promoting meetings in the main cities, with the aim of attracting more affiliates and increasing female participation in politics.”

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    Bolsonaro’s wife, a fervent evangelical, participated very actively during her husband’s electoral campaign and for some time has intensified its presence at public events. On February 2, for example, she was present in Congress where she, on behalf of her husband, moved her contacts so that Rogerio Marinho was elected president of the Senate, something that ultimately did not happen.

    An expert in sign language, Michelle traveled with Bolsonaro to Orlando, Florida on December 30, where they settled in the home of former Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter Jose Aldo da Silva.

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    At the end of January, he returned to Brazil with Laura, the couple’s daughter. For her part, Bolsonaro announced this week that he will return in March the Latin American giant to lead the opposition.

    The former president, who lost his immunity on January 1, is also seeking to defend himself against accusations of inciting the attacks on January 8, when hordes of radical Bolsonaristas stormed institutions in Brasilia.

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    Source: RT

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