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    Bolsonaro will return “with pain in his heart” the weapons donated by the United Arab Emirates

    The former president has already delivered a collection of jewelry, valued at 3.2 million dollars, gifted by the Government of Saudi Arabia.

    The former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, said that he will hand over the weapons he received from the United Arab Emirates, after a court determined it.

    “I confess, with pain in my heart, that I am going to hand over my arms,” ​​said the right-winger in an interview with TV Record.

    Bolsonaro said that “he would pay what he has in his pockets for those two weapons“, which also have his name engraved, but that will not generate a controversy about it.

    According to Bolsonaro’s advisers, the entry of the artifacts into the country was communicated to the Treasury and the Army, collects G1. Both were considered a gift, so they went into his personal collection.

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    On March 15, the Union Court of Accounts (TCU) determined that the former president had to return a rifle and a pistol that he received as a gift in 2019 from the Government of the United Arab Emirates, collects Carta Capital.

    It is estimated that the pair of weapons can cost more than 50,000 reais (over $9,000). According to the former president, both are in an Army barracks.

    The TCU also ordered the former president to return the jewels he received from Saudi Arabia, in 2021, within five days, and which are valued at 500,000 reais ($94,000).

    The jewels, which They were delivered this Friday for their defense, they are: a watch, a pen, a ring, cufflinks and a masbaha (camandula).

    The objects were taken by the former president’s lawyer, Paulo Cunha Bueno, to an agency of the Federal Economic Fund in Brasilia.

    Bolsonaro said that the former Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, received two boxes with gifts for him and his wife. Both were in the backpack of an adviser and, since they had not been declared, they were detained at the Guarulhos Airport, in São Paulo.

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    The gifts for his wife were: a necklace, a ring, a watch and a pair of diamond earrings, valued at 16.5 million reais (about 3.2 million dollars).

    I found out a year later, and my wife found out through the press. She has nothing to do with it. The box that would have been for her was in the Revenue Service,” she said.

    However, the press indicates that attempts were made to enter the country without the corresponding tax return because they were valued at more than $1,000, according to Poder 360.

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    Where will the weapons and jewels go?

    The Court ruled that both weapons and jewelry must be brought to the General Secretariat of the Presidencyin the Planalto Palace, seat of the Executive.

    Subsequently, the objects will be kept in the Federal Economic Fund, the second largest public bank in the South American country.

    When the gifts are of low value and of “very personal use” they go to the private collection of the president. Otherwise, they must be sent to public property.

    Source: RT

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