NewsBolsonaro rules out his political retirement and predicts that Lula's government "will...

    Bolsonaro rules out his political retirement and predicts that Lula’s government “will not last long”

    The former president faces 16 investigations in the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and at least four others in the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in Brazil.

    The former president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro assured from the US that he does not intend to abandon politics and that he believes that the government of the current president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva “will not last long.”

    Bolsonaro made these statements in an event organized by the group Yes Brazil USA in Florida, where the Brazilian has been since December, and of which the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper echoes.

    “It’s 2024 [elecciones municipales] ahead, 2024 is very important. We cannot abandon politics. Politics is part of our lives. I am 67 years old and I intend to continue being active in Brazilian politics,” said the far-right.

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    Regarding Lula’s current Executive, who has not yet recognized his victory, he said that if he continues “in the line that he demonstrated in these first 30 days, he will not last long.”


    Bolsonaro, who lost his immunity on January 1, faces 16 investigations in the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and at least four others in the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in Brazil.

    A possible disqualification?  How the Brazilian Justice tightens the siege of Bolsonaro

    Among the new investigations, one of the STF is added to investigate him for his alleged involvement in the acts of January 8, when radical Bolsonarists attacked the headquarters of the three powers.

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    The former president criticized the perpetrators of the attacks. “We are sorry for what some inconsequential people did on January 8. that is not our right. It is not our people,” he said, later criticizing some of the judicial measures that have been taken.

    Bolsonaro traveled to Orlando with a visa reserved for heads of state on December 30, two days before Lula’s inauguration, thus avoiding the inauguration ceremony, in which by tradition he had to impose the presidential sash on his successor. .

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    This week it was reported that he applied for a six-month tourist visa in the US. A total of 41 congressmen from the US Democratic Party signed a letter urging the Joe Biden Administration to revoke Bolsonaro’s visa, arguing that it should not be allow him or another politician to take refuge in this country to escape justice for any crime he committed during his term.

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    Source: RT

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