NewsBolsonaro assures that he "never" thought of carrying out a coup in...

    Bolsonaro assures that he “never” thought of carrying out a coup in Brazil

    The former head of state confirmed that this Thursday he will arrive in Brazil, where he is being investigated for the assault on the three powers on January 8.

    The former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, asserted this Monday that he “never” considered carrying out a coup, in the midst of the investigation against him by the Supreme Court for allegedly “inciting” his supporters to violently invade the headquarters of the three powers of the State at the beginning of January.

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    “If I wanted to hit, I would have given it while I was presidentbut it never crossed our minds,” Bolsonaro declared in an interview with the Jovem Pan network from the US, where he has lived since the end of 2022, although he plans to return to Brazil this Thursday, March 30.

    On January 8th, thousands of Bolsonaro supporters forced their way into the offices of the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court, where they committed destruction in their eagerness to cause the fall of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who in October in 2022 he won the presidential election against the retired Army captain.

    Bolsonaro, who refused to take part in Lula’s inauguration ceremony, stated that he is not “retired” and indicated that once he meets with his fellow supporters “we will see what our strategy is, not for the Party [Liberal]but for the country.”

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    Although he maintained that he has no “ambition for power”, he hinted that he will oppose the Lula government. “The left is not on the right track”he assured.

    Source: RT

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