NewsBolsonaro and his wife remain silent during interrogation for illegal sale of...

    Bolsonaro and his wife remain silent during interrogation for illegal sale of jewelry

    The former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and his wife, Michelle Bolsonaro, decided to remain silent during the interrogation to which the Federal Police (PF) summoned them this Thursday, regarding the controversial case of illegal sale of jewelry in which alleged crimes are being investigated. of embezzlement and money laundering, while the far-right occupied the Presidency.

    The local media R7 explained that the defense of Bolsonaro and the former first lady argued that they decided not to testify because consider that the Federal Supreme Court (STF) is not competent to investigate this case.

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    Lawyer Fabio Wajngarten published a statement on the social network X stating that they are willing to provide “any clarification” but before the “competent” instance. Besides, alleges that his clients have not kept silent but only seek to “respect the law”because the Brazilian Attorney General’s Office, which is “owner of the criminal action,” said that “the STF is not the proper legal sphere” for this case.

    Source: RT

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