NewsBodyguards forbid Zelensky to take chocolate from a British presenter for fear...

    Bodyguards forbid Zelensky to take chocolate from a British presenter for fear of possible poisoning

    “I get it,” adventurer and survival expert Bear Grylls commented on the incident.

    The famous British survival expert and presenter Bear Grylls offered Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky chocolate, but the president’s security service did not allow him to take it for fear of a possible poisoning attempt, reports The Telegraph.

    During his trip to Ukraine to shoot a new documentary, the presenter met with Zelensky and decided to give him an “icebreaker” gift, but the offer was turned down by security in case Grylls tried to assassinate the president.

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    I understandGrylls told the Good Morning Britain television program on Monday, commenting on the incident. The professional adventurer had previously used food to “break the ice” with other politicians, for example, on one occasion sharing pieces of salmon caught by a bear with former US President Barack Obama in Alaska “Normally when I’ve done this before with world leaders, nature does half the work for me, it’s a great leveler,” he said.

    “When I offered it to Zelenski, one of his men intervened and said he shouldn’t eat it,” Grylls said. “I told him: ‘Okay, me first, to show that I don’t want to poison him’, and we all laughed. I gave some to security, because everyone likes a little square of [chocolate con leche britanico] Dairy Milk, right?” he added.

    • Edward Michael Grylls, better known as Bear Grylls, rose to fame with the hit show ‘Man vs. Wild’ (‘A proof of everything’, in Latin America; ‘The last survivor’, in Spain) of the Discovery television channel, which aired between 2006 and 2011.
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    Source: RT

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