NewsBlinken says China can "play a positive role" in solving the conflict...

    Blinken says China can “play a positive role” in solving the conflict in Ukraine

    According to the US Secretary of State, Beijing can make a contribution if there is ever an opportunity “for genuine diplomacy and negotiation”.

    The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, admitted on Wednesday the possibility that China plays “a positive and productive role” in resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

    Blinken noted that the issue of the conflict came up during talks he had last week during his visit to Beijing. “We agreed that it’s something we have to keep talking about,” he said.

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    “There may come a time, if the possibilities for genuine diplomacy and negotiation open up, when China can play a positive and productive role. But unfortunately, I believe that this is still in the very distant future,” he said in that context.

    Beijing will remain "on the right side of history" in its effort to seek peace

    In early June, the Chinese government’s special representative for Eurasian Affairs, Li Hui, stated that the parties to the Ukrainian conflict are in favor of a political solution, and although it is now difficult to get them to the negotiating table, it should never be forgetting the existence of a common understanding.

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    Li Hui revealed that Kiev thanked Beijing for “its positive role” in promoting the talks, as well as “appreciated China’s respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of Ukraine. The senior Chinese official also noted that Russia “appreciated the sincere wish” of the Asian giant and its “result-oriented efforts to push for a political agreement.”

    Source: RT

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