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    Bill Gates reveals what model of cell phone he uses in his day to day

    The Microsoft co-founder explained that the Samsung president himself gave him the phone during a meeting in South Korea.

    American tycoon Bill Gates has revealed that his everyday phone is a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, he said during an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session last week on the Reddit social network. .

    “I have a Samsung Fold 4 that JY gave me [Jae Yong] Lee, the president of Samsung, when I saw him in South Korea to update my Fold 3,” he replied when a user asked him what “smartphone” he uses on a daily basis.

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    Does not use tablets

    Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

    He also indicated that he also uses a Windows laptop, where he uses Outlook, Microsoft’s web-based email service, a lot, detailing that he does not use tablets due to the size of the screen.

    My PC desktop is the windows surface studiowhich is great,” continued the co-founder of tech giant Microsoft. “I also love the whiteboard [interactiva] Surface Hub and we have many in the office,” he added.

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    Finally, he stated that he is involved in various research plans and products of the company based in Redmond (Washington).

    “I really enjoy working with Satya [Nadella, director ejecutivo de Microsoft] and their teams. I’m not up to date on their ‘hardware’ roadmap,” she noted in response to other questions.

    Source: RT

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