NewsBiden sings 'Happy Birthday' to the wife of Martin Luther King III,...

    Biden sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to the wife of Martin Luther King III, but forgets her name (VIDEO)

    The president said something like “Wava” instead of pronouncing Arndrea Waters King’s name.

    US President Joe Biden forgot the name of Martin Luther King III’s wifeMartin Luther King Jr.’s son, Arndrea Waters King, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her during an event honoring the late civil rights leader Marthin Luther King.

    The event, dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr., is held every year on the third Monday of January, and this time coincided with Arndrea’s birthday on January 16.

    “Look, my wife has a rule in our family: when someone has a birthday, ‘Happy Birthday’ is sung,” the president said. But when it came time to say Waters King’s name in the verse, Biden muttered something like “Wava.”

    • Joe Biden’s statements and behavior often raise questions from the public. For example, earlier this month, the leader claimed that “the world is not a patch on our ‘jeans,'” causing confusion on the Web. “I have traveled to more than 140 countries around the world. Like me, I will paraphrase the phrase from my old neighborhood: The rest of the countries, the world is not a patch on our ‘jeans’, if we do what we want to do and need to do“Said the president, without specifying what he meant.
    • In this context, the North American country has raised concerns about the mental state of the president. “You don’t have to be a neurologist to realize that he has severe cognitive impairment,” Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, said months ago.
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    Source: RT

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