NewsBedroom rumors surrounding the rare "dispearance" of China's foreign minister, Qin Gang

    Bedroom rumors surrounding the rare “dispearance” of China’s foreign minister, Qin Gang

    The official would have had an affair with a journalist and a secret son who lives in the US.

    Neither high geopolitics nor a story of spies, although possibly of betrayals. The dispearance from the public scene for just over three weeks of the Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, who has been brilliantly and ridly rising to that important position in the regime, it would be the consequence of a bedroom scandal dating from his recent tenure as ambassador to the United States.

    Diplomatic sources with fluid ties to the People’s Republic confirmed to Clarion the information disseminated by news portals in the USA and Great Britain about the fact that there would have been an extramarital affair of the then ambassador.

    What is now known is that this link would have been established by Qin with an important Chinese journalist, with whom he would have secretly had a child and who would be living in the United States.

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    The dispearance of the chancellor would then obey a freezing arranged by the regime due to those episodes involving President Xi Jinping, precisely because it was under his wing that his rare and important rise up the Chinese power ladder took place.

    Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang. Photo EFE

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    Such uncomfortable data would have been disclosed by some of the victims of that movement in the hierarchical scale of the chancellery.

    Qin replacement at the foreign ministry to the powerful and veteran Wang Yi, who was elevated within the power structure in the People’s Republic as the Party’s main international policy adviser, a position that is usually superior to that of the portfolio itself.

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    But, according to the sources, Wang would not have been among those who decided the rise of Qin.

    The announcement of the new foreign minister came after a long meeting of more than three hours that President Xi held with his American counterpart Joe Biden on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia last year. That meeting marked a crucial rprochement between the two greatest powers citalists of the era.

    The powerful president of China, Xi Jinping.  AP Photo

    The powerful president of China, Xi Jinping. AP Photo

    One of the significant gestures of the new relationship was the pointment as chancellor of the ambassador to the US, a fact with a strong symbolic charge, as well as the coordination of the trip of the head of US diplomacy, Antony Blinken, to China, tour that should have been postponed due to the strange incident with a weather balloon from the People’s Republic, supposedly a spy, which flew over North America and had to be shot down.

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    The dispearance from the public scene of senior officials is not uncommon in China. It usually hpens before a purge or as a punishment which then dissipates and the punished person repears without further comment.

    In this sense, the spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry, before the questions from the journalists, limited herself first to pointing out that she had no information and then explained that Qin should not have canceled a trip for health reasons.

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    Source: Clarin

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