Newsat least 12 people died

    at least 12 people died

    It hpened in the Ancash region, north of Lima, and there were also 15 injured passengers. The vehicle overturned on the road and descended about 100 meters.

    A bus that made an interprovincial trip from the district of Yauya, in Ancash, to Lima, fell this Tuesday by a ravine north of the cital of Peru and the traffic accident caused the death of at least 13 passengers.

    According to local authorities informed to the press, the vehicle of the company Turismo Andino overturned on the road and rolled 100 meters towards a ravine in the Patroncocha area, in the San Luis district of the Fitzcarrald province.

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    “Currently there are 12 deaths and more than 15 injured. We are still here at the scene working, providing all the support together with the serenazgo (municipal guard), the police, health personnel and the prosecutor’s office,” confirmed the mayor, Carlos Oyola, to the RPP station.

    The National Police informed the press that the injured have been transferred to the San Luis health center and the Patroncocha post, and that the most serious cases are sent to the city of Huaraz, the cital of Ancash.

    Both the Police and the Public Ministry are investigating the causes of the accident that occurred on the Conchucos highway.

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    The Accidents on Peruvian roads are frequent due to excessive speed, the poor condition of the routes, the lack of signage and the scant control of the authorities, local media reported.

    For example, in January of this year, at least 24 people died when a bus from the transport company Q’orianka Tours Aguila Dorada, which was heading from the Peruvian cital to Tumbes, on the border with Ecuador, with 60 passengers on board. , fell off a cliff in the Piura region, north of Lima.

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    The accident occurred in an area of ​​difficult maneuverability, at kilometer 121 of the Panamericana Norte, known as “Curva del Diablo”. It is a desert area, in the section that joins the El Alto region with the town of Organos, in the province of Talara.

    The first versions reported that the driver lost control of the vehicle in a section with a steep slope due to the darkness of the night, with 260 kilometers to go to reach the destination.

    With information from EFE and AFP.


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