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    Washington says Russia and North Korea are ‘actively progressing’ on future arms deliveries

    The White House on Wednesday called on the North Korean regime to “cease” discussions with the Kremlin regarding future arms deliveries.

    Negotiations on future arms deliveries from North Korea to Russia are “actively progressing”, assured a White House adviser on Wednesday, who called on the North Korean regime to “cease” these discussions.

    “These potential deals would see Russia receive significant quantities of ‘armaments’ of several types, in particular artillery ammunition, as well as raw materials for the Russian defense industry, said John Kirby, door -spokesperson of the National Security Council.

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    “Russia is negotiating potential agreements with North Korea for significant quantities and various types of munitions, to use against Ukraine,” added American Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield in New York, in a statement read on behalf of the United States, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

    Not just a “photoshoot”

    Again denouncing the visit at the end of July by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to North Korea where he attended a military parade alongside Kim Jong Un, she noted that “this visit was more than a photo shoot”, but intended to “convince Pyongyang to sell artillery ammunition”.

    “Such an arms agreement would be a serious violation of Security Council resolutions” on North Korea, she insisted, calling on Pyongyang to “cease” its negotiations with Moscow.

    “This is not the first time that Russia has violated Security Council resolutions for its illegal war against Ukraine,” the ambassador further denounced in this joint statement, referring in particular to accusations of the use of Iranian drones. .

    Death of Yevgeny Prigojine: Putin’s shadow?

    Describing the Russian attitude as “unacceptable”, she indicated that the United States was taking sanctions “against individuals and entities facilitating” this possible agreement between Russia and North Korea.

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    In mid-August, Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korea advocated increased cooperation, particularly in the field of defense, a new illustration of the rapprochement between these two enemies of the United States since the start of the Kremlin offensive in Ukraine.

    Source: BFM TV

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