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    War in Ukraine: Russia says it hit “airfields” and “destroyed” all its targets

    kyiv for its part reported that a military site in the west of the country had been hit by an attack from Moscow.

    Russia claimed on Monday that it had hit “airfields” in Ukraine overnight and “destroyed” all its targets, hours after Kiev reported that a military site in the west of the country had been hit by an attack by Moscow.

    “All designated targets have been destroyed,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement, without specifying the locations of the strikes.

    “Command posts, radar posts, as well as aeronautical equipment, facilities used for the storage of weapons and ammunition of the Ukrainian armed forces were affected,” he said.

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    Earlier in the day, the Khmelnytsky regional administration in western Ukraine said a military site had been hit by a Russian attack overnight, implying that it was depots and an army airfield.

    Authorities reported “fires in fuel depots” and military equipment and a damaged airstrip.

    “Five flying devices have been taken out of service,” the administration said again, without giving further details. The Ukrainian authorities usually make almost no mention of their military losses.

    “40 air targets” destroyed in Kyiv overnight

    Shortly after this announcement, the Russian Ministry of Defense therefore confirmed that it had struck “aerodromes” in Ukraine during the night and assured that it had “destroyed” all its targets, including “aeronautical equipment” and “facilities used for the storage of arms and ammunition”.

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    Beyond this attack in the west, the night was marked by a new massive air attack against Ukraine, the day after the “largest” drone strike on Kiev since the start of the Russian invasion.

    “Up to 40 cruise missiles” were fired overnight from planes over the Caspian Sea and “about 35 drones” from the north and south, Commander Valery Zaloujny said on Monday.

    In kyiv, the capital alone, “more than 40 aerial targets” were “destroyed” during the night, according to the military administration.

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    Source: BFM TV

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