NewsAsiaTemperature record broken in China: 52.2°C recorded this Sunday

    Temperature record broken in China: 52.2°C recorded this Sunday

    The Chinese national heat record was broken on Sunday July 16, 2023. A temperature of 52.2°C was recorded in Sanbao.

    The United States, Canada, Europe… and now Asia. The entire northern hemisphere is plagued by heat waves and bad weather this summer, as the consequences of climate change are increasingly visible. A sign that the situation is getting worse, a new temperature record has been recorded in China.

    52.2°C were recorded this Sunday in Sanbao, reports climatologist Maximiliano Herrerawhose data was relayed by our colleagues from Washington Post.

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    The world is suffocating

    This climate specialist points out that this extreme temperature is also a record for our hemisphere: never more than 52°C had been recorded beyond the 40th parallel north.

    The world temperature record was almost broken thousands of kilometers away this Sunday, in Death Valley, in the United States. A peak of 53.3°C was recorded by the Las Vegas office of the US National Weather Service, just three degrees below the 1913 record recorded at the same location.

    This Monday, the northern hemisphere begins a new week in oppressive heat, with temperatures in Europe expected above 40°C in Italy or even heat wave alerts in Spain.

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    Heat is one of the deadliest weather events, the World Meteorological Organization recently recalled. Last summer, in Europe alone, high temperatures caused more than 60,000 deaths, according to a recent study.

    Source: BFM TV

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