NewsAsiaRussia claims to have 'destroyed' two Ukrainian ships in the Black Sea

    Russia claims to have ‘destroyed’ two Ukrainian ships in the Black Sea

    Moscow said on Tuesday it had “destroyed” an American-made speedboat carrying Ukrainian soldiers near Serpents’ Island in the Black Sea, after claiming earlier that of a reconnaissance vessel.

    Russia claimed on Tuesday to have “destroyed” two Ukrainian military ships in the Black Sea, the latest maritime skirmishes since it slammed the door of an agreement to export Ukrainian cereals.

    Moscow also claimed to have repelled a new armed incursion from Ukraine into the border region of Bryansk and destroyed drones near the capital.

    Off Serpents’ Island

    The Russian Defense Ministry said it sank a Ukrainian naval vessel in an area under its control and an American-made Ukrainian launch off Serpents’ Island, liberated last year from Kiev.

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    For nearly a year, attacks in the Black Sea had become rarer, allowing the implementation of an agreement for Ukraine to export its agricultural production. But Moscow withdrew from it in July, multiplying since the bombardments of Ukrainian port infrastructures.

    Ukraine targeted with drones the Russian fleet, an oil tanker or even the bridges leading to Crimea, annexed in 2014. Kiev also organized a maritime corridor for the “Joseph Schulte”, a cargo ship which joined the week last Turkey without Russia attacking it.

    Several attacks against Russia

    And once again, Moscow says it repelled an armed incursion from Ukraine into the border region of Bryansk from its territory on Tuesday. According to the governor, Alexandre Bogomaz, the authorities are “busy taking measures to ensure the safety of the inhabitants”.

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    The Russian border regions have been targeted on several occasions by incursions, generally claimed by units calling themselves Russian, opposed to the Kremlin and installed in Ukraine.

    In addition, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed to have sent two jets on Tuesday evening to intercept two unidentified drones over the Black Sea.

    “To prevent a possible violation of Russia’s border and to block the electronic reconnaissance mission of the drones, two Russian jets took off,” the ministry said, following which “the drones changed course and left the areas where they were carrying out aerial reconnaissance”.

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    Russian territory is now targeted almost daily by drones attributed to kyiv. Early Tuesday, for the fifth day in a row, two craft were shot down over the Moscow region.

    This does not prevent the Russian army from continuing its campaign of bombing Ukraine, always claiming to aim at military targets but causing civilian deaths every day.

    Source: BFM TV

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