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    North Korea plans to launch a spy satellite in response to exercises by South Korea and the US.

    As reported by the North Korean state news agency KCNA, the launch of the satellite would be aimed at monitoring military tests in the region, both from its neighboring country, South Korea, and from the United States. The Government of Japan has already been notified by Pyongyang about a rocket launch between May 31 and June 11.

    In a statement released by the KCNA, Vice Chairman of the Workers’ Party Central Military Commission Ri Pyong-chol argued that the reason for the satellite launch is the “reckless ambition of aggression” by the United States and South Korea. , who have carried out constant joint military exercises.

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    “We will thoroughly examine present and future threats and more thoroughly implement activities to strengthen comprehensive and practical war deterrence,” the North Korean official said in the statement.

    Last week, North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Un, visited a military satellite facility in his country and reports from the state news channel indicate that he had given the “green light” to launch the satellite.

    Putting the satellite into orbit would be the Pyongyang government’s most advanced military innovation since the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile last April. A situation that put North Korea’s regional rivals on alert.

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects a nuclear weapons project at an unspecified location in North Korea on March 27, 2023. © ©Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) /Via AFP

    Japan “will shoot down any missile that lands on its territory”

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    The Japanese Defense Ministry stated that they have placed their defenses against ballistic missiles on alert. In addition, he pointed out that they are prepared to demolish any object that enters their territory without prior consent.

    “We will take destructive measures against ballistic and other missiles that are confirmed to land on our territory,” the Japanese institution said in a statement.

    Separately, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida urged the North Korean government to refrain from going ahead with the launch, adding that he would cooperate with the United States and South Korea to send all the information Japan could gather about Korea’s plans. from North.

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    The United States has also reacted to the North Korean plans. A State Department spokesman said the satellite launch would use technology contained in ballistic missiles, which would violate “multiple United Nations resolutions.”

    In addition, the US official called on the North Korean government to establish diplomatic talks with its regional neighbors.

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    Source: France 24

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