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    Japan: 500,000 people evacuated in the north of the country after heavy floods

    Due to torrential rains, bridges have collapsed and houses are uninhabitable.

    Flooded streets, collapsed bridges and bursting rivers. As torrential rains continue this Friday on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, in the northeast of the country, more than 500,000 people have been ordered to evacuate the regions concerned as of Thursday morning, reports the Japanese daily. JapanTimes.

    The rains caused major flooding and landslides, particularly in the Tohoku and Hokuriku regions. Consequences of the precipitation, television images show devastated and uninhabitable houses under the effect of the floods, as well as completely collapsed bridges.

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    In total, still according to the Japanese media which quotes the government, 45 rivers overflowed.

    Two missing and three injured

    Authorities, who warned people of an increased risk of landslides, also said two people were missing and three injured were counted.

    About 1,900 homes lost power and 380 were deprived of water following the heavy rains, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary said at a press conference on Thursday morning.

    Warnings have been issued for several regions and municipalities with a maximum alert level in some places, with rainfall expected to continue at least until Friday evening.

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    Consequence of global warming

    In similar floods in 2018 and 2021, nearly 300 people died. In 2021, heavy rain caused a gigantic landslide in the resort town of Atami in central Japan, where 27 people were killed.

    And in 2018, floods and landslides killed more than 200 people in western Japan during the annual rainy season.

    According to scientists, global warming increases the risk of intense rainfall events in Japan, as elsewhere in the world, insofar as a warmer atmosphere retains more water.

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    Source: BFM TV

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