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    India: an official empties the water from a dam to find his smartphone fallen into it

    The man was removed from his post. He had dropped his cell phone in the water tank while taking a selfie. According to him, the smartphone contained sensitive government data.

    A not-very-ecological selfie story. In India, a civil servant was removed from his post for abusing his position. The reason: He ordered a water tank to be emptied to retrieve his $1,200 phone that he had dropped while taking a selfie, according to the BBC.

    After several unsuccessful attempts to extract the laptop from the water by several local divers, Rajesh Vishwas decided to take drastic measures: the official then paid for a diesel pump to be brought in and emptied of the tank. water from the Kherkatta dam in the state of Chhattisgarh in central India.

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    Three days later and after pumping several million liters of water, the official, who claimed that his Samsung contained sensitive government data, could not even reuse his phone: waterlogged, it never reignited.

    The water could have been used to irrigate 600 hectares

    The emptying of the dam did not fail to react. If Rajesh Vishwas hammered to several media that the water he had drained came from the overflow section of the dam and that it was “not usable”, several politicians rebelled.

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    The national vice-president of the opposition party, for example, was indignant in this way: “When people depend on tankers for their water supply during scorching summers, the officer has emptied several million liters which could have been used to irrigate 1,500 acres [ 600 hectares] of land”.

    “Water is an essential resource and cannot be wasted like this,” said a Chhattisgarh state official.

    Source: BFM TV

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