NewsAsiaDrones over Moscow: Russian Embassy spokesman compares 'kyiv regime' to 'Daesh'

    Drones over Moscow: Russian Embassy spokesman compares ‘kyiv regime’ to ‘Daesh’

    On the set of BFMTV, Alexander Makogonov, spokesperson for the Russian Embassy in France, denounces the attacks which have targeted Russian territory in recent weeks and accuses Ukraine of “terrorism”.

    Is war coming to Russia? This week, Moscow was the scene of a rare drone attack, less than a month after the one which, according to the Russian version, targeted the Kremlin. Invited on BFMTV, Alexander Makogonov, spokesperson for the Russian Embassy in France, denounced a “terrorist” maneuver carried out by Ukraine, whose actions he compares to Daesh.

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    kyiv denies being involved and there is no evidence that the drones were directed by Volodymyr Zelensky’s army.

    “The crime benefits the neo-Nazi regime in kyiv, which by this kind of terrorist attacks wants to intimidate the Russian population”, advances Alexander Makogonov. “Perhaps they want to sow panic in Russian society, provoke a reaction from the population.”

    “It’s a pure crime”

    The spokesperson for the Russian embassy in France, however, believes that the war started by Putin “did not arrive” on Russian soil.

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    “It is above all the terrorists of the Kiev regime, which continues its dirty practices, its absolutely terrorist practices as if it were Daesh, it is clear and net”, launches Alexander Makogonov.

    “When [des drones] are turned towards civilians, it has nothing to do with war, it’s so primitive, it’s a pure crime, it’s pure terrorism”, insists the spokesperson… while supporting ” special operation” led by Moscow in Ukraine.

    A war that has intensified since the beginning of May, with 17 waves of bombings carried out by Russian drones.

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    Source: BFM TV

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