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    China reports record temperature of 52.2 °C and at the same time faces the arrival of Typhoon Talim

    China faces a climate threat with record high temperatures in the northwest and the arrival of Tropical Storm Talim in the south. As a remote village faces temperatures exceeding 52 degrees Celsius, the country braces for the impact of Talim, which threatens strong winds and torrential rains.

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    China is facing extreme weather conditions on different fronts. On the one hand, a remote town in the northwest of the country reported record temperatures of more than 52 degrees Celsius (126 degrees Fahrenheit), setting a new milestone in a country that just six months ago was dealing with temperatures of less than 50 degrees Celsius.

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    The town of Sanbao, located in Xinjiang, experienced sweltering heat, breaking the previous record of 50.3 degrees Celsius. These high temperatures challenge electrical infrastructure and crops, and raise concerns about a possible repeat of the severe drought seen in 2022.

    Meanwhile, residents of China, especially in Hong Kong, are facing Tropical Storm Talim, which threatens strong winds and torrential rains on the southern coast, leading to the cancellation of flights and the suspension of ferry services. Local authorities took measures to protect the population, closing schools and businesses and opening emergency shelters.

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    The China Meteorological Administration issued an orange alert for Talim, indicating that the storm could intensify into a severe typhoon before making landfall along the southern coast.

    Talim will be the fourth typhoon this year, but the first to hit China.

    People take photos along Victoria Harbor as Typhoon Talim passes near Hong Kong on July 17, 2023. AFP – ISAAC LAWRENCE

    Concern about the climate situation is growing

    The climate issue in China is increasingly worrying. In recent months, the country has experienced several record-breaking heat waves, raising questions about the ability to adapt in the face of a changing climate.

    Climate experts warn that the goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius is out of reach.

    In addition, drastic temperature changes became more and more widespread in the country. From extremely low temperatures of -53 degrees Celsius in January to heavy rains that battered the center of the country, China’s climate challenges are becoming more severe.

    People rest in the shade on a street amid a red alert for a heat wave in Beijing, China, on July 6, 2023.

    People rest in the shade on a street amid a red alert for a heat wave in Beijing, China, on July 6, 2023. REUTERS – TINGSHU WANG

    US special climate envoy John Kerry is in Beijing for talks with Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua. Cooperation between these two powers should be essential to achieve significant progress in reducing emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change.

    “Floods and intense storms occur more frequently than ever…Fires devour millions of acres of forest every year,” Kerry told delegates gathered Monday morning from Beijing.

    The extreme conditions you are experiencing are a stark reminder of the urgency of taking action to address climate change and protect communities from adverse impacts. A joint response by China and the United States, as well as international engagement, would be key to addressing these challenges and moving toward a more sustainable future.

    China experienced a record heat wave so far this summer, with an average of 4.1 days of high temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius in the first half of the year. Heat waves have particularly affected the north of the country, and more extreme events are forecast in the coming weeks.

    With information from Reuters, EFE and local media

    Source: France 24

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