NewsAsiaAt least four dead and 48 missing in China after heavy rains

    At least four dead and 48 missing in China after heavy rains

    “So far, four people have died in the floods and 48 others are missing,” CCTV reported on Wednesday, adding that rescue operations were still continuing.

    At least four people are dead and dozens more missing after heavy rains hit southwest China last week, state media reported on Wednesday.

    On Wednesday, state broadcaster CCTV said the storms triggered major flooding which included engulfing a steel processing site, where more than 200 people worked.

    Many extreme phenomena

    On August 21, heavy rains fell on Jinyang, a mountainous county in Sichuan province, but the damage toll had not been communicated. President Xi Jinping ordered authorities to “do everything in their power to search for the missing people (…) and comfort their families,” the channel reported.

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    The incident “should be thoroughly investigated and the responsible parties should be dealt with in accordance with the law,” Xi Jinping said, according to CCTV.

    China has experienced several extreme weather events in recent months. Events which, according to scientists, will be more and more frequent due to climate change.

    In July, at least 78 people died in a violent storm and major flooding that hit the north of the country after Typhoon Doksuri struck.

    Source: BFM TV

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